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About us

The Association for Innovation in Agriculture is a national organization that associates agricultural producers and processors of agri-food products, common purpose of which is to work for a steady, balanced development of rural areas. We are an association with the purpose of ensuring proper development of rural areas in the modern era, when they can be omitted and withdrawn. Thanks to insightful actions, we created a team of people who are able to change the image of rural areas throughout Poland, caring for the good of the local community.

Main area of interest of the Association is marketing and promoting agri-food products and the processing at home and abroad, initiating, popularizing and coordinating grassroots social initiatives, supporting economic development, including the development of rural entrepreneurship in terms of manufacture and distribution of local products, rural tourism, creating alternative forms of income for countryside residents, integrating local environments, entrepreneurs and agricultural producers, promoting and coordinating road construction and investment areas creation in rural areas, cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, National Center for Agricultural Support etc., as well as universities and research centers in developing innovative solutions for Polish Agriculture and Processing.

Our priority is to help residents of rural areas in better functioning in an era of new challenges. We want to bring about beneficial changes in the countryside and in rural areas.