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Not just tarmac

We all know how crucial in the life of local communities is a well-organized, high quality infrastructure. Its key ingredient are roads, which are still causing problems throughout the country. Therefore – at least to some   extent – we wish to change everyday life of the inhabitants of Warta, Goszczanów, Koźminek and Opatówek communes.

The idea of road itself does not only have a practical dimension – for centuries it has also been considered to be a symbol of communications, unity, new potential, pursuing fulfilment of dreams and actual development. Regional road No 710 closes in Warta. With the road many opportunities finish as well, whereas the region might gain a lot by this road.

Let us build our future together!

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It might seem that the proposed section of cross-regional road of 27 km connecting Warta and Opatówek and crossing the communes of Goszczanów and Koźminek is not much. However, let us look at it from  a different perspective. The investment in its assumptions is based largely on the already existing road. The proposed road will significantly increase the comfort of the covered distance – the impediments will be over,  no more time will be lost. The investment will coincide with the renovation and reconstruction of a bridge on the river Warta, at which road 710 symbolically ends. This is a good beginning for further roads modernization in the region.

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The new route is also a chance to increase the attractiveness of the surrounding communes – both in view of potential investments and opportunities for the growth of tourism.        For example, the biggest storage reservoir Jeziorsko is located  in the vicinity – which, owing to improved communication, may attract even more tourists from  all over the country, and not only. Those who wish to escape from the city hustle and bustle may be coming here, as well as seekers of adventure, adrenaline rush and extreme water sports. And there is even more to that.

The road, crossing two voivodeships – of Greater Poland and Lodz, shall become a living sign of friendship and creative cooperation between the local communities. Even in its initial phase the project gained the approval of Starosts, Mayors and Borough Leaders, which shows how important the investment is. All the above unanimously declare that it will bring long-term effects in the coming years.