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Polish poultry meat during the Food&Kitchen Fair in Tanzania – October 19-21, 2023

Dodano: 10 Oct 2023

Poland is the leader in poultry production in the EU and the fourth producer in the world. Success is based not only on price advantage and a wide range of all types of poultry meat offered, but also on exceptional quality and taste, the highest level of nutritional and health safety processing guaranteed by strict compliance with EU regulations, and openness to the special needs of trading partners.

The care for the highest quality and safety among Polish producers begins with the controlled grain in the field, and strict supervision of the entire process – from feed processing plants, hatcheries, poultry houses, slaughterhouses to processing plants, transport and storage – ends when the finished product reaches the table. Vertical integration of the production chain allows for cost reduction, but more importantly, the largest Polish producers can export to the most demanding foreign markets. Not only do they meet the conditions set out in EU law, but they also easily pass rigorous audits of international organizations (BRC, IFS), including those regarding bird welfare. It is the quality that makes Poland a leader among poultry producers in the EU since 2014. We currently produce approximately 3 million tons of poultry meat, of which over 1.5 million are exported.

Polish poultry industry:

  • Poland has been number 1 among poultry meat producers in the EU for years;
  • Polish poultry processing plants are currently considered among the most modern in the EU, and the competitiveness of the Polish poultry industry in relation to other EU countries is systematically increasing;
  • 20% of EU production of poultry meat and offal belonged to Poland;
  • The volume of exports of poultry meat and offal from Poland amounted to over 1.6 million tons;
  • The value of exports of poultry meat and offal from Poland is nearly EUR 3.2 billion;
  • We are the second exporter of poultry meat in intra-EU trade, 72% of all exports of Polish poultry products went to EU Member States.

Polish poultry producers flexibly adapt their offers to the expectations and needs of individual customers. They offer a wide range of products in various processing versions, including “convenience food” and frozen products, as well as halal slaughtered products.

The Association for Innovation in Agriculture is the official representative of Polish poultry processors and exporters in Tanzania. Please send all requests and offers to the Association’s address:

The Association for Innovation in Agriculture 

Waliszewice 19 98-215 Goszczanów, Poland

Email: kontakt@innowatorawsi.pl
Tel. + 48 605 480 560

During the Food&Kitchen Tanzania 2023 Fair, we invite you to stand No. B132A where our experts will be waiting.

Financed by the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund