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Poultry from Poland in Baghdad – Agro Food Fair in Iraq

Dodano: 01 Oct 2018

On Monday, 8 October 2018, Agro Food Fair starts in Baghdad. This major exhibition dedicated to agriculture and foodstuffs branches in Iraq shall also host The Association of Innovation for Agriculture. Our aim is promoting  poultry made in Poland on the eastern markets.

We are organizers of a business trip for a group of 15 poultry producers and processors, which shall take part in the fair presenting and promoting  poultry made in Poland. The booth of the Association for Innovation in Agriculture shall be situated in sectors D59 and C60.

The main purpose of our participation in Baghdad fair is the increase of poultry meat sales by enhancing  its consumption on the external markets. Moreover, we aim at creating a positive image of Polish poultry manufacturers among foreign consumers. Our visit at the Fair and booth arrangement have been financed from the funds of the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund.

Agro Food Fair is held from 8 until 11 October 2018

You are welcome to join us at our booth.