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Contracts for two Grants from The Local Action Group of Turkowska Unia Rozwoju (Turek Region Development Union) have been signed.

Dodano: 14 Nov 2018

In October and November 2018, the Association for Innovation in Agriculture signed two contracts with Turkowska Unia Rozwoju – T.U.R. – for implementation of the following projects within Grants:

  • Written record of Waliszewice history of as a chance to maintain and promote the local heritage.
  • Improvement of the local public space in order to meet the local residents’ needs.

The object of the operation Recording The History of Waliszewice as a Chance to Maintain and Promote the Local Heritage” is issuing a book – a monograph on the locality of Waliszewice and its promotion at two meetings. Moreover, in connection with the book publication, two educational lectures shall be delivered at the two meetings promoting the book.

The book shall include the history of Waliszewice: the manor house and the story of its dwellers, education, history of the parish to which the locality belongs, monuments of architecture, cottages, an old school, a sheepfold, the ruins, everyday life and work of Waliszewice inhabitants, feasting – customs, way of dressing, songs, village administrators, memories of World Wars I and II, biographical notes concerning the interlocutors, illustrations, photographs, drawings. In the book published, Waliszewice shall be presented to the children and youth and also future generations. A part of the book shall describe the history of Waliszewice successors, Lucyna and Franciszek Hepke (Franciszek was the descendant of a Swedish officer, who took part in the Thirty Years’ War and The Swedish Deluge on the Polish lands), who bought for the money obtained from the sales of their property to their daughters some tenement houses and “Stylowe” cinema in Kalisz, as well as  arranged a modern photographic laboratory “Falanga” in Warsaw. The son of Franciszek and Lucyna – Stanisław – married Helena née Szumska, a sister of Maria Dąbrowska…

The book will be published at the turn of the first quarter of the year 2019.

The Second Grant is a project Improvement of the Local Public Space with the Aim of Meeting the Local Residents’ Needs”.

The main objective of the project is arrangement of an external fitness club,  field games and landscaping, i.e. developing a part of land plot located in Waliszewice, which will influence the quality of local residents’ life. Football pitch and running track have already been constructed. Creating a sports and recreation complex in the area of Waliszewice village will not only enable development of the local public area, but will also influence its esthetics and functionality.

Aditionally, we wish the whole local community of Waliszewice of over 160 people and the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages could be involved in the aforesaid activities. The work contributing to the implementation of a common initiative and performed to the benefit of the whole community will develop the local bonds and integrate the inhabitants.

The project is a response to the residents’ needs, since it directly influences their lives’ quality. It is aimed above all at attracting the interest of children and youth in view of absence of a widely available entertainment, as well as of a place where they might meet and spend time together in a valuable and constructive way, although it would include the whole community in its activity. Absence of a common room, an amusement park, a cinema, a considerable distance of Waliszewice from the poviat or regional towns results in the residents’, especially the youth’s, feeling of isolation, marginalization, exclusion and low quality of life.

The project will be implemented at the turn of Ist quarter of the year 2019.